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Prolouge to a book

2009-10-27 08:09:38 by Funzo123

In The Devil's Wake.


Do you believe in Heaven and Hell, God and The Devil? I was never much of a Catholic "type" it just seemed a little farfetched to me. If however, you are a very Catholic person then not only would you strongly believe in the existence of Heaven, Hell, God and The Devil, you would also to some extent believe in angels.
When someone refers to an angel, they normally refer to an agent, an entity sent by God... but suppose for a second The Devil, or Satan has "angels" of his own. Suppose for a second that they were just like any other person you have ever met, suppose they looked the same, spoke the same even acted like ordinary people, hiding their secret, living among us, their existence shrouded in obscurity, their purpose simply... to watch and wait.
But what are they looking for? What are they waiting for? You ask.
Well everyone says God has a plan for all of us... if that is the case maybe Satan has plans for a select few. It is certainly a possibility isn't it? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? I know I used to think about this kind of thing a lot as a kid growing up and I know there are many debates over religion some going as far as war with one another,
I guess my point is that until a person experiences anything they can never be entirely sure about the truth. My advice to all those seeking the truth... you may well be better off with that knowledge. The thing about the truth is you don't always like what you hear and once you know you can never forget for this reason I truly pity the unenlightened and those who refuse to believe... this is my story, my experiences and a lesson to all.
Let me start from the beginning.

Happy happy happy, joy joy joy

2009-09-03 20:04:31 by Funzo123

In light of recent downloads, i sit down on the seat grooved by my laziness, to watch season upon season of one of the greatest creations on this earth, Ren and Stimpy.


2009-08-28 03:42:09 by Funzo123

I have gathered the motivation necessary to submit a Fruity song!!

I'm happy, :).

Dammit man.

2009-08-21 09:28:15 by Funzo123

I have NO inspiration for song's..
It's depressing because i love making music.
At the moment I'm working with (i don't know if I'm any good at) Fruityloop's.
It's a really good program with alot of tweakable features, but even with all of it at my disposal, i can't manage to get something even simple down.

Grilled cheese deliciousness

2009-07-25 08:11:09 by Funzo123

Making yet another grilled cheese sandwich..

Why, arn't i the naughty one!