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Dammit man.

2009-08-21 09:28:15 by Funzo123

I have NO inspiration for song's..
It's depressing because i love making music.
At the moment I'm working with (i don't know if I'm any good at) Fruityloop's.
It's a really good program with alot of tweakable features, but even with all of it at my disposal, i can't manage to get something even simple down.


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2009-08-22 23:27:41

Do you ever think about a salad? You should.

Funzo123 responds:

Do i ever think about a salad?
One of my favorite food's, how'd you know?!
How about this you try hard cock-munging septic tank, go ahead and drown in a cesspit and rotted pig carcass, you seem like you belong on the arse end of societies sewage line.
Die :)